• The official magazine of the Allegro High-Speed Train

Allegro magazine

The Allegro official magazine is a modern glossy publication that can be found in every seat pocket on the train, with bright photographs and editorial materials. It is an entertaining illustrated magazine for reading on a journey, containing materials relating to all aspects of life and targeting the highly educated, discerning and intellectual readers that are Allegro passengers.

VOLUME – from 90 pages
FREQUENCY OF ISSUE – 6 times a year
FORMAT – 207 x 263 mm
DISTRIBUTION – in every seat pocket on Allegro trains
LANGUAGES – Russian / Finnish / English

Magazine contents

Double-page illustration, colourful view of the cities on the ALLEGRO route.
What’s On?
News and notices about the main events in Helsinki and St. Petersburg.
Main Article
Thematic report of the interesting aspects of life Finland and Russia with amusing information, advice to the reader and author illustrations.
Art & Design
IInterviews with prominent figures of culture and art (artists, musicians , designers, artists, writers) of the two cities.
Interview with a celebrity chef or article on local culinary trends or a new phenomenon in gastronomic culture. Advice from a chef and well-known gourmets.
Review by our correspondent of a visit to an aquapark, a fitness club, a SPA centre, a beauty salon, etc. Practical advice on repeating the author’s experience.

In Town
Interesting story about the author , as can be with interest to spend a day in Helsinki and other Finnish cities , St. Petersburg and Vyborg. This article assumes the description original routes and little-known city attractions , comments and advice of local residents.
Notices of events and review of places for family relaxation. Leisure activities for children.
Material with illustrations of the fact or phenomenon that unites the city on the route ALLEGRO.
Shopping Target
Overview of shops, boutiques and restaurants of Helsinki and St. Petersburg located within walking distance of each other. Photos of a new range of products.
Season’s Best
Souvenirs worth bringing back for family and friends from Helsinki or St. Petersburg.
Illustrated mini phrasebook.


Country of residence

Finland - 29%
Russia - 52%
Other - 19%

Socio-economic status

Entrepreneur - 14%
Managin of expert position - 57%
Other employee - 8%
Student - 7%
Pensioner - 8%
Other - 6%

Travel purpose

Business - 13%
Tourism - 60%
Other - 27%

Travel frequency

Never before - 16%
Several times a week - 3%
Several rimes a month - 11%
Several times a year - 26%
Less than once a year - 44%

Allegro High-Speed Train

The new ALLEGRO high-speed train, built by the Alstom company, is a joint project between the VR Group (Finnish Railways) and Russian Railways, linking St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

ALLEGRO is equipped with safety devices designed for operating on the railway networks in Finland and Russia. The train’s equipment complies with the technical requirements of both the EU and Russia. Thanks to the latest technology and improved reliability, the train is adapted for operation in winter conditions. Its smooth running, modern design and elegant interiors are in accordance with the wishes of passengers and the operating companies.

As part of Allegro has a first-class carriage 48 seats, including a private lounge – negotiation 6 passengers , equipped radio/CD/MP3-system , DVD- player and a video monitor. The passengers comfortable bar -cafeteria with racks and stylish restaurant 38 seats, where Drinks and hot dishes. informing passengers provides system alerts, and indoor and outdoor displays in Finnish, Russian and English languages.


Chief Editor
Alina Bogdanova / a.bogdanova@spn.ru
Advertising Director (Moscow)
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Head of Advertising Department (St. Peterburg)
Marina Strаdina / m.stradina@allegromagazine.com

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